SunaTech Inc., located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China, is committed to providing support to the research and development of advanced technologies that ultimately benefit our environment and health. To this end, SunaTech produces and supplies high quality chemicals & materials and offers problem-solving solutions to the worldwide R&D activities related to energy-savings, renewable energy, life sciences and medical diagnostics. Since its incorporation, SunaTech has become a leading developer and supplier of luminescent metal complexes and intermediates of low bandgap OPV materials. While serving its customers, ranging from academia to industry and from organic electronics to bioanalytics, SunaTech is also building its expertise and developing technologies in multiple sectors.  
As a small start-up company, SunaTech has a number of Ph.D. scientists with working experience in the North America, Europe, Japan and China, and energetic well-trained junior chemists, who are routinely carrying out complex, multi-step synthesis and solving difficult chemistry problems. Together with the sales staffs, they have enabled SunaTech to establish strong and trusted client relationship with many prestigious research organizations and industrial leaders.
With strong technical and information supports from its shareholders, SunaTech Inc. not only supplies chemicals and materials, but also offers cost-effective solutions to meet customers’ research, development, scale-up and production needs. 
Innovation doesn’t have to start from scratch – try to start from SunaTech Inc., a chemistry company that keeps its eyes on innovative technologies.
Custom Synthesis
Delivering products made to customers’ specification represents a significant part of SunaTech’s business. With experienced chemists performing complex and multi-step synthesis, SunaTech offers syntheses of simple small molecules and complex compounds of quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms at competitive prices in a timely manner. This may involve the following steps.
• Signing non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
• Performing literature & database searches
• Brainstorming for efficient synthetic routes
• Synthesizing target molecules
• Characterizing the synthesized molecules
• Conducting scale-up, if required
• Preparing MSDS and other safety related documents
SunaTech understands its customers’ desires in confidentiality and has established policy to protect its customers’ interest in the way it protects its own interest. To inquire, please submit a CAS Registration Number, structure, or chemical name to our distributors /representatives/agents or our sales department.
Fee-for-Service Project
Fee-for-Service (FFS) mode is currently applied to the R&D of bioanalytical methods involving the use of SunaTech’s proprietary reagents (such as SunaTag™) for labeling antibodies or proteins based on customers’ requirements.
Contract Research
Whether making a low bandgap OPV polymer or proving an OLED device structure or developing an assay protocol, complex problem solving requires several factors working closely together. SunaTech has a facile access to state- of-the-art research and analytical equipment of Chinese Academy of Sciences. SunaTech’s in-house scientists will be dedicated to client solutions during the contract period in the strictest confidence. Our efficient teamwork will contribute to the success of your project.
Searching Chemicals from SunaTechs Website
This catalog does not provide up-to-date information about SunaTech’s products. Searching SunaTech’s chemical/materials from its website ( is easy. You can simply type, e.g., a partial key word such as “irid”, “carba”, “thiop” or “dibromo” to find all the chemicals with iridium(III) atom(s), carbazole group(s), thiophene group(s) or two bromine atoms in their structures. You may also find technical data or price information from SunaTech’s product promotional flyers.